It’s Not an Ending, Just a New Beginning

Poet Shel Silverstein has a very well known poem about endings:

“There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.”

This poem makes me think about a lot of things. I think about the school year and how it is coming to an end. I think of how we started and how much fun we have had. How much we have giggled…and how far we have come. What has been the greatest part of this school year for you? What are you looking forward to in 4th grade?

This quote also makes me think of many books I have read. There have been books that I have been so sad to finish. Veronica Roth’s Divergent series of books made me sad to close the cover. There is another one coming out in October. YAY!  I am happy about that. Until then, I can read and reread. What is a book that you have been sad to finish? OR What book would you rewrite the ending to and why?


Sophie Comes to School

After reading Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo, our students decided to research abandoned or surrendered dogs. Since I foster dogs and one of my dogs is a rescue, I thought I would contact the rescue that we volunteer with to bring in an expert on the subject. Elizabeth, a volunteer and major part of the local rescue, came in with her dog Sophie and answered questions for our class and another class through Skype. She brought a bookmark with tips for being around dogs and told us a lot about what she does and what the organization does. We learned that the human life is changed for the better just as much as the dog life in a rescue situation. We also learned that it takes A LOT of teamwork and volunteers to make a program like this work. Foster volunteers, community fundraising, personal donations, rescue families, communication between cities and states in order to get at risk dogs where they need to go, and of course the people like Elizabeth who also have full time jobs and that job is encouraging of the community work! Awesome!! Sophie had fun and was very well behaved and our students, well…they enjoyed the meeting and learned a lot of important information about something that we don’t always see as a problem…pet population and animal care. What do you think of the event? What do you think of Animal Rescue organizations?Image

Bud, Not Buddy

Bud, Not Buddy

I just finished reading this book and I adored it! It is set in the same time period as Turtle in Paradise. I really enjoy reading about children in this time period. They face such hardships and  are very courageous in the face of danger, poverty, and sadness. I think you should read about Bud and Turtle and decide for yourself. Are these characters alike? How is the setting (historical background) similar in both? Which character do you relate to more? Which ending do you like better?

Plastic Island–Pollution

4th Grade is doing a Project Based Learning on Recycling/Conservation. While some of the photos may have been altered to have a greater effect on you, if we assume that most of these photos are real, what do you feel about what you see?

What should we do?

Canned Food Drive Begins

Our canned food drive has started and we had quite a few cans of healthy food brought in by students and teachers this morning. Thank you to all that have sent something our way. We are so excited for these cans to go through the next steps in the process…go to the food bank, get sorted, go out on trucks, and go to different programs to help feed those that do not have food of their own at the moment. Our commercial will be posted soon. 🙂

To the drive coordinators-  Why do you feel that this is important?

What have you learned from it?

What could you do differently to make the drive more successful?

What other things could you do?

Hunger In North Texas


According to the North Texas Food Bank, there are 300,000 hungry people each day in North Texas. That is about 3 FULL Cotton Bowl Stadiums! Wow!! We are going to collect canned food next week to donate to the North Texas Food Bank. 1 can from each person can truly make a difference! You can help with just 1 can as this 1 can will add up when each person in our school brings 1 can…that could be like 700 cans! How many people could that go to who need a little extra help?? My group suggested a toy drive, and clothing drive…while we are not going to do those now, what other ideas can you think of that we could do without costing a lot or taking too much time, yet still being helpful to our community?

Oh by the way…the North Texas Food Bank feeds around 90,000 people each day…almost 1 Cotton Bowl stadium. What do you think happens to the food when we donate it? Maybe my group can tell you what they have learned. 🙂


Photograph was used from the website as posted by Dallaz.